Short CV: Don MacCrimmon

1995 - Present

As a youngster I attended drawing classes at the School of the Art Institute. My teacher there was Emmanuel Jacobsen, a man who taught young students how to draw from live draped models.

Later I was a graphic designer for twelve years. Then for twenty-one years I was a teacher in the City Colleges of Chicago where I developed a set of courses in graphic design, including layout, color theory, lettering, photography and story boards. About eight years ago, I resumed interest in drawing and painting.

And I have learned from Isaiah Berlin. Chapter 6 : ‘The Lasting Effects’, The Roots of Romanticism. 1999, Princeton University Press,

“ . . . before the artist created a work of art, it does not exist, it is not anywhere. There is no copying, there is no adaptation, there is no learning of the rules, there is no external check, there is no structure you must understand and adapt yourself to before you can proceed . . . . ”
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